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I published my 2010 goals on the web in late december. At that time, I did not spend a lot of time setting goals. I committed to those goals, because those seemed right and those goals were somethings i have been aspiring to do for a while. Since i did set the goals, I want to continue tracking them. The best way to reach goals is to start working towards them early on and tracking them aggressively. Early on when you set the goals, you feel the enthusiasm and energetic, it is best to get started then. If you don’t track them, it will be easy to loose motivation and forget.

Here is the update at the end of january.

  1. GOAL 1. “Live Happily Everyday”. I think I did a good job. There was good work/life balance, happy times, loving times which helped handle the pressures very well. There were a lot of pressures 🙂
  2. Goal 2. “Apply and enroll in eMBA”. The deadline for eMBA programs was feb 1. This contributed to a lot pressure during the latter part of month, but thanks to great support from madhu, i was able to pull it off. I took GMAT, finished up essays, completed app process. Hectic but felt great accomplishing it. I hope i get accepted.
  3. Goal 3 . “Start a non-profit in India focused on education”. To be honest, I was not able to make much time for this. However, last month was great time for some ideas, and crystallization of thought on certain core principles for this org.
  4. Goal 4. “Run a marathon in less than 4 hours”. This is one goal towards which i made no progress. No time to walk, let alone run. Gotta make more time.
  5. Goal 5. “See that my weight is a number  that starts with ‘1′  most days”. No progress here. In fact, i regressed and gained about 3-4 lbs.

As I went through the review, I realized there are quite few other things i want to accomplish this year and am really tracking to accomplish. I might pick few of them and add to the goal list in the next update.

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